Modular Systems

Testing & Flushing Skids

Effective flushing removes the contaminants and increase the efficiency of the system by generating the turbulent flows in the process lines through the flushing systems.

We offer wide range of various flushing packages with hydraulic drive and/or electrical drive options from concept through to custom design, fabrication, testing and delivery of standalone or integrated module packages.

Our Flushing system provides the controlled flowrates, regulated pressure for flushing, filtration and pressure testing of the process lines as per international standard compliances. Our Hydraulic Pressure Testing System provides test fluid at the required pressures for leak, proof and functional testing as per international standard compliances.

Key System Features

  • Robust and versatile design
  • Fully enclosed cabinet or open framework skid 
  • Design and certification to DNV2.7-1 and DNV2.7-3
  • High working pressures up to 15000 psig
  • Electric and/or pneumatic pumps suitable for use with mineral oil or water glycol based fluids
  • Compatible to various fluids
  • Less micron filtration
  • Wide range of process parameters
  • Suitable for offshore and onshore applications