Modular Systems

Subsea Hydraulic Power Units

Subsea HPUs are designed to provide and maintain the performance and functionality to assure reliable and safe operation of the subsea systems. Our subsea HPUs are specifically designed according to Client’s project specifications and international standards.

Build the right subsea HPU for your unique application with our field-proven technology Our hydraulic power units are designed as robust, complete units, equipped with all instruments, pumps, motors, filters, valves and accumulators required to operate in harsh environments. We offer a wide range of subsea HPUs, from compact, portable hydraulic systems to complex, state-of-the-art installation workover control systems, developed for operation in both tropical and arctic environments.

Key System Features

  • Custom design for subsea hydraulic systems and subsea control module.
  • Modular design for easy installation & maintenance.
  • Multi-outlet supply header system configurations for redundant subsea HP and LP
  • Isolated supply and return fluid reservoirs;
  • Integral/external Accumulator design
  • Battery powered subsea hydraulic power racks.
  • Environmental and hazardous design specification and certification to meet local requirements
  • 24/7 service and after sales support worldwide.