Our services

Our Services

Highly skilled / multi-discipline engineers at your service

Inrada O.G.R.S. has a team of highly skilled multi-discipline engineers who can provide engineering services for both process and oil & gas industry.

Our engineering services

Engineering Services

We also possess the required skills, capabilities and experience to provide end-to end solutions for process packages , equipments , systems, skids and mechanical packages used in onshore and offshore oil & gas installations. Following engineering services has been offered to our global clients:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Front – End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detail Design and Engineering
  • Project Management Services
  • Brownfield Engineering Services

Sometimes new technologies, more stringent regulations or a need for additional functionalities require system modifications. Whether you require a lower energy consumption, smaller ecological footprint, higher uptime or efficiency or better durability, we have the capability to design a tailored solution to suit your needs.


Project management

We goes beyond equipment or material supply to offer project management expertise. Through dedicated regional teams of project management professionals, we work with our customers to facilitate from concept through to design, production, testing and delivery, our project team will know your operating environment, and will use the latest technology to precisely meet your needs for projects around the world.

At OGRS, we offer project management expertise for single products to the most complex engineered systems & packages. Our project management methodology is centred on communication regarding triple constraints (scope, time and cost) with our customers. It is important to us that our stakeholders are kept abreast of the progress of their order and of any issues which may arise during execution.

OGRS project management professionals has international know-how with in-depth industry and local business knowledge; ensuring that complex projects and orders are completed successfully anywhere in the world. Our global network, international supply chain and partnerships with leading vendors always able to supply the best possible equipment or material and meet all of the local requirements and regulations.

Project management


Installation & Commissioning

Furthermore, we are extending our services by offering highly experienced offshore personnel and onshore support for installation & commissioning of topside well control equipment to ensure the intended functionality of equipment or packages in actual site conditions.

  • Systematic approach through procedures / checklist.
  • Skilled & Certified Personnel
  • Site Investigations / Inspection Services
  • HSE Compliances
  • Onsite Operational Training
  • Product Life Cycle Support
  • Hazardous Area Inspection and Design Services
  • 24/7 service and after sales support worldwide.
Installation and commissioning
Most of our services are focused on offshore oil & gas, FPSO and the Subsea industry


Flushing, Testing & Calibration

We performs onsite flushing, testing and calibration services of specialised products or packages used in drilling, oil & gas , subsea industry up to 20000 psi on more. We also carry out the Flushing prior to commissioning by our experienced engineers, technicians and supervisors. We provide service solutions to pressure test / leak test / hydro test of high pressure applications of field tube lines, pipelines, hydraulic components like valves, cylinders etc., In addition, special tools, equipment, packages like flushing rig/ HPU / portable flushing units’ / HART communicators / Test benches etc., for onsite testing on a rental basis as well as for sale.

  • Customised test units
  • Portable unit design
  • Onsite calibration
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Accredited certified instruments
  • Rental or Lifetime solutions
  • 24/7 service support worldwide.

Maintenance , Repair & Overhauling

Inrada O.G.R.S. collaborates with leading technology partners for Rotating Equipment Solutions and Services for the Power, Oil & Gas and Industrial Markets.

Inrada O.G.R.S. along with the partners has a track record of service innovation geared towards lowering the cost of ownership for turbomachinery operators. Our unique approach to risk management, contracting flexibility, and business transparency ensures that asset owners have a real opportunity to improve return on their investment. Using our partners extensive operational experience and maintenance knowledge, we develop and deliver customized solutions that can optimize plant performance and minimize technical and commercial risk. To meet individual business challenges, Inrada O.G.R.S. integrates global capabilities with key suppliers to provide a range of maintenance services for gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps, compressors, and balance of plant. Working on your behalf, we achieve economies of scale, and preferred access to parts with reduced complexity, leading to more efficient and effective contract execution.

We deliver comprehensive, solution-oriented products and services that will help generate greater benefits for you. Our business has depth and experience in asset management and long-term maintenance agreements, whilst offering transactional, factory-based parts and repair services across all industry sectors. Our key services include:

  • Asset Solutions
  • Procurement, Construction management, installation and commissioning services
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Major Maintenance, Optimization & Upgrades and Life Extension solutions on multiple O&M equipment:
    •    Gas turbines;
    •    Steam turbines;
    •    Pumps;
    •    Compressors

Gas turbines - Heavy industrial

We can provide your heavy industrial gas turbines with overhauls, outage planning, replacement turbine nozzles, advanced control systems and much more? We provide a full range of field overhaul services including: Outage planning ,Safety planning ,Inspection Overhaul services, Full-time engineering support ,Project management, Parts supply.We sets a new standard of service excellence with a broader portfolio, increased global reach, greater choice, flexibility and responsiveness, and well-engineered value-added solutions.

Steam turbines

Is your steam turbine in need of on-site machining, new blades or hardware, rotor welding, feedwater pump turbine upgrades or any other necessary product or service? Your project team is supported by strategically located manufacturing and repair facilities, engineering staff known for their innovative solutions, and raw stock material for short-cycle manufacturing

Centrifugal Compressors

Do you have centrifugal compressors that are in need of on-site reverse engineering, compressor component parts, re-blading, seal conversions or another service or part? Uncover hidden assets in your turbomachinery and turn repair headaches into bottom-line benefits. In most cases, we can rebuild equipment better than new, with tighter tolerances, improved reliability, and enhanced efficiency and output.

Spare Parts

We supply and also suggests a full range of spare parts of oil & gas specialised products, hydraulic system requirements by ensuring the intended requirements or replacements globally.

Key Features:

  • Quick delivery
  • Reliable OEM spares
  • Replacement services
  • Assist in Spare part selections
  • Guaranteed Spare parts
  • Downtime minimization
  • 24/7 service support worldwide.
Spare parts